About Us


After retiring 18 years ago from an Executive, Criminal Justice Government position and walking away from the "Corporate World" in the summer of 2009, my entrepreneurial spirit kicked-in and I wanted to start my own niche business that would make me happy and bring a smile to my customer's faces. I've Been Framed!!" was started in January 2010 after stumbling on this unique concept of personalized prints by accident. What I found was totally jaw-dropping and I had to get on board as an authorized retailer!! The search was over! This was the business I was looking for!

Yes... there are a lot of "personalized gifts" products in the marketplace, especially at all of our local malls. But none of these "personalized gifts" can top the variety and the uniqueness of our exclusive line of High Definition personalized prints that we have to offer our customers...... and we are adding more and more on a regular basis.

In 2011, we added the now popular Framed Letter Art Prints of over 350 Colleges/Universities, over 70 Destinations and all MLB and NFL teams. These to date have been HUGE sellers and are a great compliment to our personalized print product line.

In August 2012 we started our other online business selling Personalized Gifts and Framed Letter Art Prints. You can link here at: www.bonanza.com/booths/christie55

In April 2013, we became an Authorized Retailer for the largest seller of Officially Licensed Sports Memorabilia Photos for all teams and most colleges. These high quality framed photos, plaques, photo sculptures and photo montages have been added to our website on our sister site Bonanza.

We continue to look for product ideas that will excite our customers!!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have. Enjoy your visit to my website. I'm sure you will get the same reaction, as I did, when I first saw these beautiful personalized prints and other great products ..... WOW!!


Chris Pelkey

Chief Print Creator

Personalized Prints and Framed Letter Art Prints make great gifts for the Holidays!!